The telEase System is a flexible charging system for guest phone calls. As has already been mentioned the ease Hotel Management System can interface to many different types and brands of PABX Systems. Some of these PABX Systems provide a lot more functionality than others (and the ease Hotel Management System handles all of that functionality), but they all have one thing in common. That is the calls made by the guests are sent to the ease Hotel Management System and from here they are charged directly onto the guest's account.

How much a guest is charged from that particular phone call is very important, and this is where the telEase System comes in. It allows you to charge the guests based purely and simply on the meter pulses provided by your Telephone Service Provider, or based on the duration of the call and the number dialed by the guest. Both methods provide unparalleled flexibility in calculating the amount of the charge, and can be easily set up or changed by the staff at the hotel.

Some of the important features that are incorporated in the telEase System are:

  • A choice of two different flexible charging methods that can be easily controlled or changed by the staff at the hotel.
  • The ability to provide discounted phone call rates during off peak periods of the day.
  • Complete and detailed reporting of all phone calls made through the PABX system, even for administration extensions..
  • The ability to save money on your phone bills, by choosing the Telephone Service Provider with the cheapest rates. You do not need to stay with a particular Service Provider because they're the only one to provide meter pulsing, and you can even have your phone system connected to multiple Telephone Service Providers, (ie: one with cheap STD rates, and another one with cheap IDD rates).