Help Computer Consultants provide software maintenance 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year via telephone, modem link-up and/or on-site, if necessary.

We regard our client's problems as matters of the greatest urgency and respond to them appropriately. Things rarely ever go wrong, but if they should you can be assurred of prompt, efficient and professional support from any of our well trained staff.

As you can verify with any of our clients, the back-up support provided by Help Computer Consultants is the best available. We make it our business to ensure that your business is operating efficiently and with as few problems as possible.

Feedback from our customers is encouraged and supported. We want to hear what their needs are, and we use their suggestions to continue developing the best front office system available. This is one of the reasons why ease is such a flexible and comprehensive system. Upgrades to the system are provided at regular intervals, usually several times per year. This is provided at no extra cost as part of your maintenance contract. Provision of frequent upgrades ensures that when you purchase the ease Hotel Management System you will always be using an up-to-date system.


When installing the ease system Help Computer Consultants will provide on-site training for all of your staff. In our experience both the timing and method of training (ie. group, or individual) is normally site specific and this will be decided in consultation with each site in order to best suit your requirements. For example, some people prefer two sessions for training, basic training now and more advanced training in a few weeks time. One thing that you can be gauranteed of is that we won't leave your property until you feel confident enough to use the system on your own.

We regard training as a matter of the utmost importance. Although ease is a user-friendly and extremely easy system use, it is important that your staff are well trained, so that they can get the most out of it. It is equally important to us that you are satisfied with our system, and that ease will provide you and your business with everything that you would expect from a world class Hotel Management System.