One of the newest products released by Help Computer Consultants is the ease Guest Internet Billing System. This system allows guests to use the internet from the comfort of their own room. All that they need to do is plug their laptop into the dedicated internet point situated in every room. The internet points in all the rooms operate through the one fast, reliable, permanent connection. This means that the guest no longer has to play around with phone lines, dialing properties or worry about being disconnected.

Upon starting to use the internet system, the guest is firstly prompted to enter their room number and password. This identifies themselves to the system and ensures that there is no unauthorized or free access to the internet. After their password has been verified a web page will be displayed informing them about the costs involved with using the system, and/or any other important information that the hotel deems necessary.

The charging method for the ease Guest Internet System in very flexible, and the hotel has full control over how much to charge and over what time periods that charge applies. Once the guest finishes using the internet a charge is issued by the system.

The ease Guest Internet Billing System is fully integrated with the ease Hotel Management System. Therefore the charges generated by guests using the internet are sent directly to that guest's account. Everything is taken care of by the interface between the two systems. This means that the staff can concentrate on more important matters, like making sure that the guests are satisfied.

Some of the important features that are incorporated in the ease Guest Internet Billing System are:

  • Secure login and passwords for the guests in each room.
  • The charging prices and durations are fully configurable, and can be easily set or changed by the hotel management at any time.
  • Charges for internet usage are billed directly onto the guest's account.
  • The same fast, reliable, permanent internet connection can be used by the guests and the staff at the hotel.
  • There is no need to have any special features or extra extensions incorporated into your PABX, because the guests will no longer need to use any of the PABX extensions to dial up to the internet.

The ease Guest Internet Billing System has an easy-to-use graphical user interface, which makes the process of connecting to and using the internet easy. All the guests need to do is connect their laptop, enter their room number and password, and then start using the internet. Nothing could be more straight forward than that.

A sample main screen for the ease Guest Internet Billing System is shown below.