Help Computer Consultants is excited to announce the release of its new range of Internet Booking Products. Heading these products is the ease Company Direct Booking System, which allows selected companies to make reservations directly into the ease Hotel Management System, via the internet.

This will provide companies with a simple, fast and effective way to make a booking at your hotel. Therefore ensuring that they stay with you more often, and reducing the work load on your staff. Imagine the time saved by your staff with this product. They will no longer be required to answer calls regarding bookings, or receive faxes requesting accommodation. Also they will not be required to send confirmation letters out to guests, or ring and confirm bookings.

Another advantage is that it will be a lot easier to convince corporate clients to come and stay at your hotel if they can quickly and easily make a reservation through the internet. Without having to call you, to check for availability, or the need to send and receive numerous faxes and confirmations.

Some of the important features that are incorporated in the ease Company Direct Booking System are:

  • The company obtains an automatic confirmation of their booking, which they can then save, print or e-mail to someone else.
  • The hotel receives an automatic print out of the booking as soon as it has been made by the company.
  • The company is able to change certain information about their booking, or send a message to your staff requesting additional changes or services to be provided.
  • The company is able to delete their booking, if their circumstances change.
  • The company can view numerous pictures and descriptions for each of the available Room Types.
  • Detailed information about the hotel can be configured, so that every company can see what facilities you have and what services can be provided to your guests.
  • The company can see a map of where your hotel is located, what attractions are close by and what the best route to get there is.
  • Secure login and passwords for each company.
  • Fully configurable Room Types and Rates available for each company.
  • The ability to set the number of rooms available for each Room Type, for each company.
  • The ability to allow certain companies to always be able to make a booking (ie: allow over-booking of the Room Type).
  • The ability to block out peak periods, so that no internet bookings will be accepted during this period.

The ease Company Direct Booking System has an easy-to-use graphical user interface, which makes the process of making a booking at your hotel simple. There is nothing for the staff at the company to learn. They simply log in, check the availability for the dates that they wish to stay at the hotel, enter the details of the guest, and then print out their confirmation.

Some sample screens for the ease Company Direct Booking System are shown below.